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Cycle Lewes Lewes is a great place to cycle despite its spectacular hilly setting. The town is relatively compact - it is easy to plan routes that avoid most hills and are often quicker than similar journeys by car.

Situated in the heart of the recently established South Downs National Park, Lewes is surrounded by a wonderful network of country lanes and some of the best off road cycling in England. Lewes station is a rail hub for the region, providing both access for visitors and connections for Lewes cyclists to nearby stations as well as the port of Newhaven.

Cycle Lewes was originally formed in 1998, and after a gap in the 2000s was relaunched in March 2013. We rely on both subscriptions and on active involvement by members in our new Committee, which meets every couple of months and is always open to new initiatives and members.
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Cycle Lewes would like to note our debt to our founders and early campaigners Becky Reynolds, Tony Green (who both continue to campaign through Bricycles in Brighton and the CTC), Colin Brades, Tim and Anne Locke, Amanda Burgess and Ian Cairns (Ian moved to Seaford and founded the impressive Cycle Seahaven).

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Our Aims
Cycle Lewes is a community group working for all cyclists in the Lewes area.
We aim to:
- Campaign for a more harmonious environment for all road users that puts people first.
- Promote policies which encourage cycling and reduce the impact of motor vehicles.
- Work for better transport, commuting and leisure facilities for cyclists.
- Campaign for a reduction in road danger, especially to cyclists.
- Support improved links with public transport operators and with other cycle routes around Lewes.

Past and Current Campaigns Include:
- Improvements in Cliffe High Street.
- Contributing to East Sussex County Council's cycling policies, In association with other cycling groups.
- Development and implementation of the Ouse Valley Cycle Network.
- Completion of the Lewes to Ringmer cycle route
- Completion of Sustrans Regional Cycle Route 90 through Lewes.
- Safe cycle routes to schools.
- Integrated cycle provision in the proposed North Street Quarter and all future developments.
- Safety improvements to the C7 Lewes to Newhaven Road.

Here is the indepth Survey we handed to the council regarding the traffic problem in Cliffe High Street
Cliffe High Street Survey

Engagement Exercise: A Cycling Strategy for Lewes

We would welcome any comments that you might have on the strategy. In particular, we would like to know your views as to –
(1) whether Lewes needs a cycling strategy;
(2) whether or not you think the draft Cycling Strategy if implemented would improve cycling in Lewes;
(3) whether you agree or disagree with the six objectives for improving cycling set out in the draft Cycling Strategy;
(3) whether there should be other proposals for improving cycling in Lewes which should be included in the draft Cycling Strategy?
(4) what the priorities should be in relation to the implementation of the draft Cycling Strategy. Are there key aspects of the draft Cycling Strategy that should be implemented straightaway?

Cycle Lewes intends to finalise and adopt its draft Strategy at its next Annual General Meeting in October. We would therefore be pleased to receive comments by Monday, 10th September 2018. Please could you email them to us.
A Cycling Strategy for Lewes (draft)

our FaceBook page has all our current activity.
Cycle Lewes